Algorithmic Trading

Marex's full algorithmic execution suite is available in Neon Trader and via FIX.

Marex’s proprietary algorithmic execution strategies are designed to leverage the data and machine learning capabilities of our market analytics engine Nanolytics and our deep knowledge of commodity market microstructures.

Covering scheduled and non-scheduled based strategies, our teams can develop bespoke strategies to meet your needs.

Accessed electronically and via our expert voice teams, strategies include ‘Nano VWAP’ and Peg. Marex also offers a comprehensive execution suite through key partnerships and third party providers including Fidessa and TT. Our services give you a full range of market-leading algorithmic strategies on a multitude of exchanges.

Available via GUI and FIX certification.


Marex’s industry-leading analytics solution generates unique market insights from billions of data points captured across the leading futures and options markets.

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