Marex’s commitment to environmental, social and corporate governance extends to the work we do and the way we operate. With a focus on ownership, partnership and stewardship, we take a long-term view on issues that affect our business and the communities in which we operate.

ESG Reports

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2021 ESG Report 24 June 2022 Download PDF Link Icon
2020 ESG Report 30 April 2021 Download PDF Link Icon

Carbon Offsetting POC White Paper

Recognising their responsibility to respond to the climate crisis, businesses, organisations and governments have set challenging carbon reduction targets, which increasingly include net-zero aspirations. While energy reductions and renewables are key first steps, some of these reductions need to be generated from carbon offsetting and sequestration.
To facilitate this transition to a net-zero future and meet the potential demand in the market, we believe carbon projects and offsets need to be scaled more quickly and be more cost effective to allow the investment to flow into these essential projects. As a successful and important leader in the global commodities industry, Marex is in a prime position to deliver a positive ESG impact in our markets.

Our involvement in this project goes far beyond the financial backing, with active involvement from members of the firm who provide expertise and data across commodity, environmental and derivatives markets.
Marex has assembled a consortium of world-class partners to work on this solution concept and we thank them for their valuable contributions. Our belief is that market appetite is high for ultra-high integrity carbon credits, underpinned by transparent, science-based approaches. Marex Spectron Asia Pte Ltd was awarded the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s Financial Sector Technology and Innovation (FSTI) Proof of Concept (POC) grant on 1-October-2021. The FSTI POC grant provides funding support for experimentation, development, and dissemination of nascent innovative technologies in the financial services sector.
Key highlights from this project are:

  • Deforestation continues at rates in excess of 6% annualised making conservation critical.
  • Degradation is under-appreciated. 25% of over 4,500 trees sampled were cut down or dead.
  • Geo-spatial approaches require resolutions in excess of 10m to be sufficiently accurate.

The primary aims of this POC were to:

Determine whether mangrove areas in SE Asia were a viable source of blue carbon credits -at scale.
Determine whether the latest high-resolution satellite technology could derive biomass estimates at greater levels of accuracy than existing approaches. Hence, achieve a high-quality blue carbon credit that was both operationally scalable and fully transparent for buyer confidence.

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ESG Webinar: Decarbonising the global energy system

Our ESG Webinar entitled ‘Decarbonising the global energy system and why it might happen faster than you think’ with Dr Matt Ives from the University of Oxford took place on Thursday 17 June 2021. This event was part of Marex’s ESG collaboration with the University of Oxford.

Dr Ives is part of the Oxford Martin Post-Carbon Transition Programme and author of the recent report ‘A new perspective on decarbonising the global energy system.’

Decarbonising the global energy system is a fascinating subject, with Dr Ives’ research suggesting that technology advances in renewables are constantly being under-estimated and there will be trigger point, when clean energy costs falls below products, such as coal. Such a scenario would make the transition to ‘net zero’ cheaper, faster and easier than is currently assumed.

In the session, we also got to hear from Professor Moritz Riede from the Oxford Department of Physics, who provided insights on emerging trends in renewable technologies.

If you have any questions about any of this subject matter, do contact Dr Guy Wolf.

Thank you to our Chair Carla Stent for introducing this great event.

Marex — Mangrove Project

Marex will seed a number of projects to create carbon credits by maintaining or adding new mangrove swamps in South East Asia through the support of Global Mangrove Trust, a Singapore-based NGO.

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We are one of the first organisations to adopt The Oxford Principles for Net Zero Aligned Carbon Offsetting, published in September 2020. The principles set out best practice approaches to carbon offsetting and sequestration. As well as adopting these principles to support our business, they will also be built into our carbon emissions offset venture with OxCarbon (a University of Oxford spin-out), Kumi Analytics and The Global Mangrove Trust.

As part of our carbon ambitions, we look to this project to enhance our climate goals, while also providing additional liquidity to the venture. We are also committed to looking at reducing energy, how we will procure renewable energy and changing travel necessity, making investments and changing policies as needed.


We are committed to becoming carbon neutral as a business by 2022, in line with the UK’s target to be ‘Net Zero’ by 2050.

Our collaboration with the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, Oxford University (where we sponsor a research program on Environmental Sustainability), to support the launch of a spin-out entity, OxCarbon, to offer commercial services in the carbon offset market.

This is a component of a broader initiative to create an innovative way to lower the cost of verifying carbon credits using satellite data and AI, with OxCarbon publishing the information about the credit to ensure transparency. Marex provided the connectivity between the satellite data provider, the analytics component and OxCarbon. Marex will seed a number of projects to create carbon credits by maintaining or adding new mangrove swamps in South East Asia through the support of Global Mangrove Trust, a Singapore-based NGO. Advanced AI/ML-techniques to estimate carbon sequestration from high-resolution satellite data will be validated through the scrutiny of the academic peer-review community, facilitated by OxCarbon. This is part of our ambition to become carbon neutral by 2022.

Marex – Oxford Programme on the Sustainable Future of Capital-Intensive Industries

Oxford Programme on the Sustainable Future of Capital-Intensive Industries

The most impactful way we can support a green and just transition is in our business practices. Marex is proud to be a founding sponsor of the Smith School’s multi-year programme to develop datasets and research to advance social objectives in carbon-intensive industries.

Read about the Sustainable Future programme


Marex is expanding its ESG market focus in renewable energy, fairer agriculture and circular economy sectors. We are one of the oldest and largest brokers of US Renewable Energy Certificates and biofuels, and we offer consultancy services to help clients navigate the rapidly changing green products marketplace. In the metals market, we have acquired recycled metal specialists and we are also supporting technological innovations such as Earth-i, which can support farmers in developing stronger livelihoods and rural resilience.

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Building on a strong culture of respect, integrity and adaptability, we have evolved our internal processes to support our clients’ sustainability goals. The progress we have made, the commitment our teams have shown and the ways we have innovated all demonstrate that ESG improvement will never just be a box ticking exercise at Marex, but will position us to make a real difference in the world.


Marex supports a broad range of charities through our charity matching policy. Any activity in support of a registered charity undertaken by a member of the team will be matched in value by the business.

In recent years, Marex has supported Motoneuron Disease Association, American Cancer Society, Cancer Research, Save the Children, Watts of Love, St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, Mulliganeers, and Save the Rhino, sponsored participants in the London, New York and Sierra Leone Marathons , and many other events and charities.

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