Life @ Marex

Joel Bradford

Joel describes his experience of life as a graduate at Marex.


What’s your role at Marex:

At the start of this year, I joined the agricultural department as a trading assistant following on from an internship at Marex Solutions. The agriculturals desk cover soft and grain commodities such as coffee and wheat. My role on the team is to assist the traders in any way possible, this includes analysing data and building reports on changes in the markets or historical trends that may be relevant to future market activity. My analysis helps to assist the teams market oversight whilst simultaneously helping me to develop my knowledge and understanding of the markets we trade as I train towards becoming a trader myself.

Describe a typical day in your role:

My morning starts with sending out the daily positions update to the risk team and other relevant parties. Every day I analyse key metrics and data sources and report on key findings to the team. For example, this could be reporting on option open interest activity or changes in calendar spreads. Throughout the day, members of the team may ask me to check certain data points, run models or chart certain instruments. As time goes on, I want to develop automations and build new reporting tools to streamline our operations and to build on our existing edge in the commodities space.

My academic background of economics and finance provided me with a basic understanding of derivatives and some technical skills however, over the next years I aim to develop relevant skills such as technical analysis, Python (for data analysis) and utilisation of tools such as Bloomberg terminal.

What is your favourite thing about your role?

I have always been a keen academic and this new role has provided me with endless realms of learning. Day to day, I work alongside colleagues with decades of industry experience and knowledge to share. Every day I discover new elements to explore and I’m sure in a decade’s time I will still be learning! I find this exciting and equally challenging.

Working at Marex has not only provided me with the opportunity to learn from the pool of experience around me but they have also encouraged me to develop new skills by providing access to courses such as the data analysis qualification I am enrolled on. Personally, I feel excited to go to work every day and I get a great feeling when I can add value on the desk. My team helped me get up to speed by answering my questions and showing me their day-to-day routines. I hope to use all these resources to fulfil my dream of becoming a successful trader.