Marex can arrange credit lines for many of our clients via a variety of routes and group companies.

Trade Facilitation

The Trade Facilitation team services Marex commodity clients by providing transaction-based liquidity, primarily through Letters of Credit or the financing of short-term receivables from their investment grade buyers.

Corporate Credit

Marex can offer matched principal broking to clients including hedge funds, asset managers, family offices and insurance companies. We can offer eligible clients liquidity sourcing for investment grade and sub-investment grade corporate and government debt settled on a delivery versus payment (DVP) basis through Euroclear. Contracts may be sourced either in the secondary market or through initial debt issues.

Fixed Income

Marex provides global, independent, intelligence-led futures and options coverage on all major global exchanges.

Marex’s specialist teams analyse market themes in fixed income, developing and generating intelligent trade ideas for institutional clients.

The teams also source new pools of liquidity and provide expert execution of complex options strategies.

US Credit and TBA Agency

Marex’s TBA trading desk provides a US offering of Corporate Convertible Bonds, offering credit facilities and execution services for ‘To Be Announced’ (TBA) liquidity to residential mortgage originators and their hedge advisors.

The team’s market knowledge and longstanding street relationships afford wide access to TBA and specified (spec) pool liquidity, as well as alternative hedging strategies.


Marex’s credit offer includes government issued bonds (‘govies’), repurchase agreements (Repo), Inflation, VIO and Refinancing products. Our coverage includes North American, Latin America and EMEA.

Structured Products

Marex divisions can build and provide Structured Products to meet the needs of capital protection, guaranteed yield, diversification and hedging strategies. Our market access in Latin America and Continental Europe is especially valuable for investors. We have relationships with many Issuing Partners, alongside our own dedicated Structured Products division, Marex Solutions.

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