Marex provides broker-agnostic clearing services across energy, commodities, metals and financial markets.


Acting as principal for wholesale participants, our dedicated global team provides a highly rated, comprehensive service.

  • Trade date and T+1 reporting services
  • Personalised account structures to suit client requirements
  • Delegated regulatory reporting offering
  • IM & VM Margin, Post trade, and Tripartite financing
  • Real time risk feed
  • Global coverage on all major trading platforms
  • DMA, algorithmic trading and care orders
  • Service and support for physical delivery of listen commodities
  • Assisted reporting services

Our rating is BBB- Long Term and A-2 Short term with S&P Global.

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Marex- non-bank FCM-01
Marex – FOW – client clearing provider-01
Marex – FOW INternational Awards 2020 – Winner Client Clearing Service Provider of the Year
Marex – FOW International Awards 2019 – Winner Client Clearing Service Provider of the Year

Neon Portfolio

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Portfolio provides access to all clearing accounts, updated near real-time across transactions, balances and performance, viewable on any desktop or mobile.

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