Outsourced Trading

Investment managers leverage our trusted global multi-asset class buy-side trading capabilities to outsource their entire desk or supplement an existing trading operation.

Marex’s unconflicted buy-side trading desk delivers comprehensive, flexible trading solutions globally. Our team of highly experienced traders work alongside our clients as one team to deliver customised solutions to meet their specific requirements. Coverage includes equities, fixed income, foreign exchange, derivatives, futures and options.

With Marex, you access a greater breadth of expertise, capabilities, coverage and scale that surpasses most in-house trading desks, unlocking operational leverage and efficiencies.

Full outsourced trading

Outsource your entire trading desk to Marex and benefit from an expert buy-side team with deep market knowledge providing execution, liquidity access and comprehensive support. Focus on your core objectives while optimising trading performance with a flexible operational model.

Hybrid trading model

Extend and scale your inhouse trading operations by tapping into flexible, expert trading support. Whether you want to access new asset classes, global markets or liquidity sources, or bolster your existing operations, Marex offers cost- and time-efficient way to access trading solutions.

Comprehensive, tailored solutions

Dedicated traders well-versed in portfolio manager strategies, preferences and processes, and customised systems, workflows and operational support.

Comprehensive execution capabilities encompass diverse liquidity sources from an international network of brokers underpinned by high- and low-touch solutions.

Flexible engagement terms and execution options further accommodate varying client needs, ensuring a robust and adaptable trading environment.

Dedicated buy-side solution

Non-conflicted buy-side desk operates independently from other Marex trading capabilities – our sole focus is on getting the best deal for our clients.

With over 40 dedicated buy-side traders equipped with the full suite of buy-side trading and reporting technology, our service is designed to seamlessly integrate with your order and execution workflows.

Comprehensive execution reporting integrates data for aggregated real-time monitoring of performance, exposure and risk.

Middle- and back-office services

Integrated and tailored middle- and back-office services are a crucial component of our solutions, enhancing operational efficiency and overall solution value.

Comprehensive operational support spans from pre-trade compliance to post-trade transaction cost analysis (TCA), encompassing clearance, settlement, breakdowns and end-of-day file transmission.

Commission management

Utilise compliant MiFID II commission management and research payment account solutions managed by Westminster Research Associates.

Comprehensive solutions enhance the efficiency of commission management and reporting, and help you to achieve maximum value from your commission dollars.

Marex institutional platform

Take advantage of Marex’s diverse global financial platform, providing access to multi-asset class trading and clearing capabilities.

Global services, capabilities and liquidity solutions span energy, commodities, equities, credit, FX and rates, tailored specifically for institutional requirements.

Fund launch and growth support

Leverage an experienced global capital introduction team for targeted introductions within our extensive investor network focused on emerging and mid-sized funds. Expert support and consultancy for new fund launches and business scaling, which includes growth strategies, facilitating new hires and seed investor opportunities.

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