Agency and execution

Marex is one of largest liquidity hubs for OTC and listed contracts in the commodity derivative markets.

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We use our broad market connectivity, to match buyers and sellers on an agency basis. We are connected to most of the world’s exchanges. Our specialist teams give you access to some of the most respected and experienced brokers in their field. Whether you are a professional investor or single-product producer, executing with Marex puts you in expert hands.

Execution algorithms (algo trading)

Marex partners with industry leader RCM-X to provide a full suite of algos.

Electronic Care Orders

Direct access to a Marex execution team via an end to end electronic platform

Electronic DMA

Direct access to each exchange’s matching engine via

  • Sponsored access
  • FIX enabled platforms
  • Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)

Voice Execution

Access to various liquidity pools via principal and diverse client bases for futures and options strategies

  • Ability to provide blocks and cross natural flow
  • Hedging solutions for listed products, OTC traded and customised OTC derivative solutions
  • Access to XFA, one of the largest floor brokers on the CBOE for SPX and VIX options


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Connect with the team to discuss your needs

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