A liquidity partner
with global presence

Marex is a tech-enabled liquidity hub connecting clients to global energy, commodity, and financial markets. With 18 offices, access to all major exchanges, and technology-powered data and advisory services, Marex is an essential partner.

Marex – Liquidity Hub

Marex provides clients with access to financial and physical markets in energy, metals, and agriculture, combined with data-driven proprietary technology, and advisory services.

In metals, we are a leader on the LME by volume. In energy, we are a top three broker across our key products, and in agriculture we are a market leader in cocoa, coffee, grains and sugar. Our financial markets services provide 24 hour coverage on all major global exchanges. Our global office network spans Europe, Asia and North America.

Marex connects clients to markets providing market making, execution and clearing services, hedging solutions and price discovery. Respected analysts provide a wealth of data and advisory services. Clients include blue chip commodity producers and consumers, brokers, trading houses, professional traders, asset managers, international banks, commodity trading advisors and hedge funds.

It is our broad offer provided by expert specialists, supported by our technology platforms that makes Marex an essential partner.

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The Marex group includes companies with decades-long reputations in diverse markets.

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The Team

Marex's senior management team and the Board that oversees them is made up of individuals with incomparable experience in commodities and financial services.


With a focus on ownership, partnership and stewardship, we take a long-term view on issues that affect our business and the communities in which we operate.

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Careers at Marex

Marex is always seeking dynamic and passionate individuals who want to make a positive impact as part of our organisation.

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Developing our people
Adaptable and nimble

Our values

Marex is built on our shared set of values. Across our business operations and ESG programmes, we strive to leave the world in a better place than we found it.

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