Diversified. Resilient. Dynamic.

Marex is a diversified global financial services platform, providing essential liquidity, market access and infrastructure services to clients in the energy, commodities and financial markets. With more than 30 offices, access to all major exchanges, and technology-powered data and advisory services, Marex is your essential partner.

The Team

The Marex Group of companies is overseen by the Group Board. The executive committee reports to them and manages the business and divisions. Each division is led by a senior management team.


In line with our values, Marex is committed to being a responsible operator in the energy, commodity and financial markets. In addition to making changes to our business operations to reduce our carbon footprint, we support our clients in the transition to a low carbon economy by becoming a leading provider of environmental products. We also invest in projects with independent organisations to cultivate positive change in the markets for a sustainable future.

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Careers at Marex

A career with Marex is dynamic and impactful. Whatever your background or experience, Marex welcomes your talent and passion to make a difference as part of our organisation.

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Developing our people
Adaptable and nimble

Our values

Our values underpin our culture and are at the heart of how we treat our clients and each other.

The Marex Group of companies

Marex Group plc is made up of specialist divisions covering a broad range of commodities, energy and financial markets.

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