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Marex provides unrivalled access to global metals exchanges, intelligence and analysis.

Marex provides 24-hour global market access exchange-traded derivatives, off-exchange products, and market making services. A Category 1 member of the London Metal Exchange (LME), Marex also has membership of all major metals exchanges.

Our long history in the sector means we can provide unrivalled historical data as well as a wide range of daily, weekly and end of day reports, delivered via Neon Insights and our licenced data services.

Tangent Trading

Founded in 1985, Tangent Trading, a division of Marex, specialises in non-ferrous scrap metals trading, with a focus on copper and aluminium markets. A long-term member of the London Metal Exchange, Tangent Trading has a network of customers and suppliers across Asia, Europe and North America.

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Widely used across non-ferrous metals our in-house analytics tools include Hot Rolled, Scrap and Rebar Steel, Coking Coal and Iron Ore. Marex’s LME Speculative Positioning Report is widely read across the base metals sector. The service covers the LME carry market and, in a joint venture with Earth-I, has developed SAVANT, a satellite-image analysis product focused on ‘real-time’ fundamental measures of supply and demand.

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Neon Metals – Marex

Real-time trading from adjusting 3M positions to trading spreads at the click of a button. Transparency to the market, in combination with Neon Trader represents the complete Metals e-trading experience.

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