Voluntary Carbon Emissions Markets

Marex provides a fully integrated VCM origination service, in addition to market-wide carbon offsetting products.

Mangrove Project

Our partnership with the Mangrove Trust allows us to offset our own operational emissions, and provide our clients with access to carbon credits that are guaranteed to be additional, permanent, sustainable, and fully transparent.

The project has been developed with the carbon credit verification standard designed by the Oxford University Programme on the Sustainable Future of Capital-Intensive Industries. Monitored by the dedicated initiative, OxCarbon, the project uses high resolution satellite imagery, machine learning techniques, and advanced analytics for transparency and accuracy to monitor the carbon sink effect of the mangrove forest in Northern Sumatra.

In 2022, along with other projects, it generated over 90,000 tons of carbon credits. The long-term goal is for 1,750kt of OxCarbon climate units to be generated over the first 25 years of the programme.

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Market-wide VCM services

Marex’s expert teams in Amsterdam, New York, and London provide liquidity across the full range of Voluntary Emission Reductions (VER) carbon offset products.

We have unrivalled links with carbon offset project developers and funders, helping them to package products tailored by geography, carbon credit type and verification standard, or by sector needs e.g. certified for aviation.

These products are dedicated to helping specific segments of the industry with their transition to net-zero, and complements the full and diverse spectrum of commodities Marex is active in.

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