Foreign Exchange Product=FX

Marex’s foreign exchange teams cover EMEA and Frontier (emerging) markets and FX swaps in the US.


Broking desks located in UK and US offer access to both OTC FOREX derivatives (through a range of bank pricing relationships) and listed FX derivatives on major international exchanges.

Desk offers 24 hour access and liquidity in OTC FX derivatives for both major and emerging market currency pairs in a wide range of products including, spot (rolling and physically settled), forwards, swaps, NDFs, options (vanilla and exotic). In addition, they provide specific expertise in sourcing liquidity in options strategies for cleared FX products listed on CME.

Services include execution, clearing and settlement. Clients benefit from price discovery through multiple bank price feeds with independent pricing, tight price spreads, two way market and eTrading solutions for self-execution. Portfolio margining offered by the firm is attractive to clients as provides efficient capital usage.

Clients include Financial Institutions, Corporates, Hedge Funds, Professionals and High Net Worth individuals.

Frontier Markets

Our Frontier FX market making desk specialises in sourcing liquidity in emerging markets, particularly African currencies including XOF, XAF, NGN. The team offers spot transactions for physical settlement and delivery through a local correspondent bank network, and short tenor FX derivatives on G10 currencies to African institutions.

The desk undertakes responsible transactions only, linked to international trade, investment, NGO aid and wealth management.

Capital markets – FX EMEA

Capital markets – Frontier Markets