Executive Committee

Marex – Thomas Texier

Thomas Texier

Head of Clearing Services

Marex – Ram Vittal

Ram Vittal

CEO, Marex North America

Marex – Nilesh Jethwa

Nilesh Jethwa

CEO, Marex Solutions

Marex – Nick Jones

Nick Jones

Head of Legal

Marex – Michael Dugan

Michael Dugan

Chief Technology Officer

Marex – Matthew Thistle

Matthew Thistle

Head of Energy, North America

Marex – Jeremy Elliot

Jeremy Elliott

Global Head of Energy

Marex – Jason Manumaluena

Jason Manumaleuna

CEO, Rosenthal Collins Group

Marex – Dean Shoosmith

Dean Shoosmith

Chief Risk Officer

Marex – Bastien Declercq

Bastien Declercq

CEO, CSC Commodities

Marex – Ben Bennett

Ben Bennett

Global Head of Operations

Karen Neffar – Marex

Karen Neffar

Group Head of HR

Marex – Nigel Grace

Nigel Grace

Head of Finance

Marex – Adam Hooker

Adam Hooker

Head of Risk

The Team

The Marex senior management team and the Board that oversees them is made up of individuals with incomparable experience in commodities and financial services.