Marex is one of the best known names in the global metals markets.

Marex – Metals Markets

As a Ring Dealer on the LME, our specialist metals team provides 24-hour global market access across base, ferrous, and precious metals including exchange-traded derivatives, off-exchange precious metal products, non-USD precious metal pricing, and market making services.

Our long history in the sector means we can provide unrivalled historical data as well as a wide range of daily, weekly and end of day reports, with the speed that clients value.

A Category 1 member of the London Metal Exchange (LME), Marex also has membership of all major metals exchanges.


Neon Metals

Real-time trading from adjusting 3M positions to trading spreads at the click of a button. Transparency to the market, in combination with Neon Trader represents the complete Metals e-trading experience.

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