Supplier Code of Conduct

As a leader in our space, we take great pride in being a good corporate citizen and continuously strive to set the highest standards of ethical conduct, and corporate and social responsibility. We recognise, and are committed to, both relevant national and international standards, including those set out by the International Labour Organization, the Bribery Act 2010 and the Equality Act 2010. We expect our suppliers to abide by these same standards in their business operations.

Corporate responsibility and ethical standards

At Marex we expect to see the highest standard of integrity, ethical conduct and corporate and social responsibility from our suppliers, contractors, service providers, representatives, advisors and anyone else with whom we have a business relationship (collectively, our “Suppliers”), so that we can continue to conduct our own business with integrity, accountability and honesty.

In particular we expect our Suppliers:

Bribery and Corruption: To condemn bribery and corruption in all forms and circumstances. Further details on our stance against bribery and corruption can be found on the website ( in the anti-bribery and corruption statement of ethics.

Prohibition of Slavery and Forced Labour: To condemn the abhorrent practices of slavery, forced and compulsory labour and servitude. We will not tolerate such practices being connected to our business, be it through coercion, intimidation, verbal or physical threats of violence, trafficking, bondage or any other means and we expect our Suppliers to exercise vigilance against these practices within their own supply chains.

Slavery, forced and compulsory labour and servitude are defined in Article 4 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Child Labour: To never use child labour and to diligently and constantly ensure that all employees exceed the local minimum age requirements of the relevant country in which they work.

Working Conditions: To ensure that the health and safety of employees and visitors are treated as of paramount importance. Working environments must be safe and hygienic. Where potential hazards exist, appropriate safety measures must be taken by Suppliers to minimise the risk of injury to health.

Maintaining Confidential Information: To recognise that confidential and proprietary information may be disclosed to them by Marex in the normal course of business and to respect and protect the confidentiality of our data and communications.

Remuneration: To ensure that remuneration of employees meets the minimum local legal requirements of the relevant country in which they work.

Diversity and Equality: To promote equal opportunities and condemn discrimination on any grounds, including but not limited to gender, race, colour, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, age or disability. We expect our Suppliers to respect human rights and the diversity of cultural, social and political norms around the world.

Compliance with Marex’s Supplier Code of Conduct

By entering into, and continuing a relationship with us, our Suppliers are required to agree to comply with this Code of Conduct. Marex may at any time audit observance with this Code of Conduct and will take whatever action is deemed necessary against a Supplier if any breach is found. Such action could result in termination of the business relationship.

Marex would like to thank all our Suppliers for their endeavours to promote the highest standards of ethical conduct and corporate and social responsibility so that we may continue to conduct our own business with integrity, accountability and honesty.



Supplier Code of Conduct, October 2016