Mangrove Project

We fund the Global Mangrove Trust to bridge the gap between setting up carbon sequestration projects and being ready to sell the carbon offsets.

Marex — Mangrove Project

Working with The Global Mangrove Trust in Indonesia, Kumi Analytics and The Smith School of Enterprise and Environment, we are developing a sequestration methodology that relies on remote verification.

Mangroves absorb more carbon than any other tree, sequestering it at a rate two to four times greater than mature tropical forests. They offer other environmental benefits too, preventing erosion, filtering sea water and supporting a wide variety of marine and terrestrial life.

Using mangroves and monitoring the data using satellites makes verification quick, accurate, transparent and real time, while machine learning will make the process more accurate and robust for the market over time. The data will be collected by Kumi Analytics via satellite and shared with The Smith School who will host and validate it. The data will be made available to be used in other research projects. This transparency in approach will build trust and faster liquidity in this methodology.