Marex Spectron Hires Leading Canadian Crude Team and Opens Calgary Office

November 1, 2016

Marex Spectron, the global commodities broker, has today announced the hiring of Justin Norbraten, Jay Mitchell and Tarun Ajwani, formerly of Shorcan Energy, and the opening of its first Canadian office in Calgary.

Mitchell and Norbraten were Senior Brokers in physical and financial Canadian Crude at Shorcan Energy, and Ajwani was Shorcan’s Head of Business Development. The three are based in the newly opened Calgary office and report to Hunter Baldwin, Marex Spectron’s Head of North America.

Ajwani, Mitchell and Norbraten will start brokering Canadian Crude from January 2017.

Calgary is Marex Spectron’s first Canadian office and is the latest development in the North American franchise. Marex Spectron has offices in New York, Stamford CT and Houston, covering the metals, energy, agriculture and financial futures and options markets.

Hunter Baldwin commented: “Hiring Justin, Jay and Tarun and opening the Calgary office are significant developments. These are very big names in a highly specialised market and will allow us to develop key Canadian Crude indices around their trades.

“We have long seen sizeable opportunities in the Canadian market and this now allows us to develop them, not just in energy, but also across metals and agricultural products.”

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