Nasdaq’s Quandl and Marex Announce Exclusive Data Partnerships – Release Daily Commodities Speculative Positioning

June 29, 2021

First product, Marex Daily Speculative Positioning, allows traders to track global commodities flow on daily basis

Nasdaq’s Quandl, a leading provider of alternative and core financial data, today announced an exclusive and innovative data partnership with Marex. The first of several products the two organizations will be launching is a new dataset that tracks daily aggregate holdings across the global commodities market – Marex Daily Speculative Positioning (MDSP).

MDSP will be offered on a daily basis, providing traders with faster information compared to the weekly reports that the industry has historically relied upon. The new data product will allow traders, corporate users and other money managers to monitor movements in agriculture, metals, energy commodities and more.

As one of the largest global commodities brokers, with an extensive data and analysis team, Marex is uniquely positioned to provide insights on the behavior of various commodities markets. Nasdaq’s Quandl provides alternative data expertise to help customers use MDSP to understand the balance of market participants for 40 commodity products.

“Marex is the ideal partner to co-launch a suite of new commodities products,” said Bill Dague, Head of Alternative Data at Nasdaq. “The combination of Marex’s sector expertise and Nasdaq’s powerful data platform will offer the clearest picture yet into the global commodities market, where demand for alternative data is high but quality supply is still limited. Starting with the launch of MDSP, both physical and financial traders will glean a truer, more unified picture of whether participants are bullish or bearish.”

“The rise of the algorithmic traders over the past decade has made it increasingly difficult for market participants to decipher the commodity markets,” said Guy Wolf, Global Head of Market Analytics at Marex. “Using our speculative positioning data, clients can gain an extraordinary level of insight into key commodity markets, showing where they sit at any point in time. Through our partnership with Nasdaq, we are able to bring these insights in a streamlined and actionable format to an even wider, more diverse group of investors and companies”

Several more products, covering metals movements, news analysis and market behavior are expected to launch by Q3.

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