Marex Group launches Italian certificates offering

March 14, 2022

Marex Financial, the investment-grade rated issuer and a subsidiary of the Marex Group, is now providing the Italian market with innovative, flexible, and highly technological investment solutions.

With the latest technology and competitive pricing, Marex’s Financial Products team creates and issues cross-asset investment certificates in equity, credit, FX, commodities, and funds backed by Marex Financial’s BBB investment grade rating from S&P Global Ratings.

The team has extensive experience in the financial markets manages all processes from designing to creation. As an issuer, it has an in-house team responsible for structuring, market making, and lifecycle events.

The London-based Marex Financial Products team responsible for the Italian and Ticino certificates offering is made up of Carlo Ceriani, Antonio Manfrè, and Guido Clemente. They are developing the offering on EuroTLX with a flexible product set and generating thematic ideas that are aimed at financial advisors, private banks, family offices, asset and wealth managers.

“In Italy, we will initially be focusing on the EuroTLX market and then expand to other markets. We are using a ‘fast track’ procedure for listing our products that will allow listing in one business day, which will be amongst the fastest in the market,” commented Carlo Ceriani, Business Development Manager. He continued:  “All of our Marex Financial issued products will have an Italian ISIN issued by the Bank of Italy “.

Antonio Manfré, Business Development Manager, added: “We are excited to be focusing on the Italian market.  We believe we bring fresh innovation, technology, and flexibility to this space, backed by Marex’s investment-grade rating”.

The underlying cross-assets include shares, indices, ETFs, funds, commodities, currencies, and all the information relating to the investment solutions, accompanied by the documentation, will be present on the website in Italian

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