Marex boasts one of largest liquidity hubs for OTC and listed contracts across the major commodity derivative markets globally.

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As a Category 1 dealing member of the London Metals Exchange (LME), Marex vaunts superior access to LMEselect, the Inter-office market and the Ring. The service covers a plethora of products accessible via electronic and voice means, encompassing exchange and principal liquidity. 

Marex is one of the oldest Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) brokers offering extensive coverage of Environmental products. The team specialises in large volume transactions and facilitates spot and long-term REC and SREC contracts for institutional renewable energy generators. The Energy teams command market share across all products serviced, especially power, offering unrivalled insight into product behaviours and influences via research and seminars. 

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With established teams in London, New York and Chicago, with the addition of RCG, Marex has one of the largest and most experienced agricultural teams in the market. The teams provide execution and market intelligence across a multitude of products via exchange and proprietary liquidity. By combining qualitative and quantitative analysis, market updates and in-house meteorological forecasting, the team is able to publish leading proprietary research to our customer base.

Marex’s acquisition and partnership with XFA enables us to provide our clients access to a leading agency broker specialising in benchmark global products including EPX, VIX, ETFs, alongside a range of futures and options across fixed income and commodity products.

Marex also provides clients with a suite of execution algorithms for global commodity and financial futures products.

Electronic Care Orders

Direct access to a Marex execution team via an electronic platform

  • Orders are sent electronically into a Marex execution desk
  • Orders are worked / executed manually as per the trading instructions
  • Executions / fills are reported back electronically

Electronic DMA

Direct access to each exchange’s matching engine via

  • Sponsored Access
  • FIX enabled platforms
  • Independent Software Vendors
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Voice Execution

Access to various liquidity pools via principal and diverse client bases for futures and options strategies

  • Ability to provide blocks and cross natural flow
  • Hedging solutions for listed products, OTC traded and customised OTC derivative solutions
  • Access to XFA, one of the largest floor brokers on the CBOE for SPX and VIX options
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24hr Global Desk

Specialist execution desk for listed derivative products

  • 24hr access and support for global listed products
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Marex Execution

Discuss your needs with Marex Execution Services team

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