Marex is one of the largest liquidity hubs in listed contracts by market share across our markets.

Across energy, metals, agriculture and financial products, our on exchange services are well established across our divisions. Our reach is extensive, providing access to 55 global exchanges including CME Group, LME and ICE trading via voice, electronic trading, or algorithm.

Marex is a Category 1 Ring Dealer on the London Metal Exchange, with a technology platform to provide our clients unique access to the Metals market.

In Environmental products, we are one of the oldest and largest RECs brokers and offer unique coverage in US and EU emissions markets.

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Across traditional Energy markets, we have extensive access and experience globally.

Our agricultural specialists at RCG are mainstays on the Chicago trading floor and form part of our global team, which also includes data and intelligence specialists to give you the edge in these hugely competitive markets.

At XFA, the team is a leading agency broker in benchmark global products including EPX, VIX, ETFs, and a range of futures and future options across classes including commodities and fixed income products.

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