Financial Products

Marex Financial Products offers a customisable investment solutions platform, allowing investors to easily price and create fully tailor-made products.


Our Marex Financial Products team is well-positioned to provide tailored cross-asset solutions.

Driven by cutting-edge proprietary technology, our platform is one of the first to price any product on virtually any underlying, transacted completely outside of the banking system. Blockchain provides fairness, consistency and transparency and allows us to pass our lower cost of production and fair funding levels on to our clients.

Our dedicated team of structured product experts can show competitive pricing levels backed by Marex’s investment-grade ratings. Access our range of bespoke solutions as white-labelled service, or via Structured Investment Products for professional investors.


Access to the performance of an underlying or a basket of underlyings in a convenient and simple form provided with one security. The underlying can be actively managed through time

SUITS: A client who is comfortable being exposed 1:1 to the underlying on the upside and the downside.

Capital Protected

At maturity, receive your principle back plus the growth of a chosen underlying asset.

SUITS: risk averse clients looking to gain exposure to the market.

Yield Enhancement

In a low interest rate environment, clients receive a relatively large coupon if the market remains sideways or rallies, but risks some capital if the market falls beyond a certain level.

SUITS: those with excess cash seeking yield, who do not believe the underlying will fall beyond a certain value.


Receive full participation to the upside and on the downside given underlying, without providing the full cash value of the underlying.

SUITS: those with a strong conviction looking to maximise their return.

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