Hedging Solutions

Effectively manage your commodity price risk, and proactively monitor the hedge effectiveness of your portfolio.


Across our markets, Marex Solutions provides data and insight-led commodity hedging services as a comprehensive array of tailored risk management solutions.

Broad Coverage – Hedge your exposures across equities, commodities, credit, FX, funds, fixed income, and digital assets. This, combined with our tailored proprietary technology solution allows for customisation of cross-asset products for Risk Managers and Investors.

Smart Risk Management – We have organised our hedging solutions into four primary categories: Participation; Protection; Price Improvement; and Range Extraction. Our OTC derivatives are bi-lateral contracts, so the possibilities for innovation are almost unlimited.


Enabling Risk Managers to receive a participation in commodity index trends.


Adding anti-correlated exposure to commodity indexes in order to offset existing price risk exposure.

Price improvement

Offering Risk Managers a toolbox of solutions enabling them to hedge at an improved market price level.

Range Extraction

Allowing Risk Managers to extract value from excess volatility and extreme price levels.

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