Market Data

Marex’s extensive access across markets makes our data services invaluable.

Our data services are essential tools for many thousands of energy professionals. The Neon platform provides access in a single portal.

Real-time screens and apps

Live price windows on the markets which have become a must-have for tracking energy or freight prices. Real-time prices are also available via a raw datafeed.

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Data & Indices

Daily price reports, tools and feeds – Marex publishes closing prices for a wide range of energy, freight and environmental markets within minutes of close.

Historical Data – covering energy, freight and environmental markets, going back as far as 2000, we provide closing price data, trade data (itemised with price, volume and time) and tick data (itemised bids and offers).

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Market analysis

Our sector experts produce regular market commentary and analysis. covering weather, energy, ferrous metals and agriculture.

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Licenced Data

Redistribution licences and enterprise licences are available for all Marex data services – all of which can be white-labelled.

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Neon Insights

World-class insights, market-leading research, and commentary across energy markets, personalised and fully controlled by you.

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