Marex has been a pioneer in coal derivatives and physical coal brokerage since 1999.

With offices across Asia, Europe and the US, we offer access to liquidity pools for the major global physical and financial coal markets, execution and clearing services, client-only daily market curves and reports, and provide research, analysis, and analytics.

Financial coal

Marex launched the first online marketplace for coal in 1999, was the first broker to offer Chinese swaps coverage in 2011 and has been a pioneer of dark spreads and coal options. We offer a hybrid brokering service for global coal swaps markets with global coverage.

Physical coal

Our global network of spec and off-spec thermal and coking coal market participants gives us access to liquidity and source pricing on standard physical and off-spec markets. We produce unbiased forward and spot rates, and publish expert-authored daily reports. Marex acts as an arranger only and accepts no principal’s liability.

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