Credit Investors

Agency Rating Outlook
Marex Group Fitch BBB- Stable
Marex Group S&P BBB- Stable
Marex Financial S&P BBB Stable

Additional Tier 1 capital

Marex issued $100 million of perpetual Additional Tier 1 Contingent Convertible Notes with a coupon of 13.25% in June 2022. The issuance is rated BB- by S&P.

Senior Debt Issuance

Marex Group plc completed an Europe Medium-Term Notes (‘EMTN’) issuance in January 2023, which represent €300m unsecured nominal fixed rate senior 5-year notes.

The notes pay 8.375% coupon annually, have a maturity date of 2 February 2028 and have been assigned a BBB- rating by S&P.