Marex Spectron Wins Prestigious Energy Award

July 5, 2018

Marex Spectron, the global commodity broker, is delighted to announce that an academic paper co-authored by Georgi Slavov, its Head of Energy, Ferrous Metals and Shipping Research, on Optimal Cross Border Electricity Trading has won the General Prize for the best paper at the highly prestigious Annual Commodity and Energy Markets Association (CEMA) meeting, held in Rome on 20-21 June. The other authors were Professor Alvaro Cartea, from the University of Oxford, and Professor Tiziano Vargiolu and Maria Flora from the University of Padova.

The paper, which looks at the dynamics of cross-border European power flows between multiple locations and the reaction of price on such flows, shows:

  • Electricity flows between interconnected grids to not only have a direct impact on price, where price spread between two locations reacts on electricity flows between these two location only, but also an indirect effect where electricity flow between two locations affect the price in a third location.
  • The optimal trading strategy is based not only on trivial price spread arbitrage, observed between the selected interconnected locations, but also the impact on the spreads from the flow of electricity among them.
  • For further information on the paper contact Georgi Slavov ( and on the prize click on the following link CEM Awards 2018.

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